Joe's Plans for the Attorney General's Office

Whether it is threats to public safety, rapidly evolving technology, or existential threats to our environment and democracy, Pennsylvania’s next Attorney General will need to have a plan to take action on Day One against the many challenges we face.

Continuing a 23-year legal career protecting Pennsylvanians from crime, corruption, and attacks on our rights, Joe is the battle-tested Democrat who will be ready to defend our democracy as Attorney General — just as he did as Bucks County Solicitor during the 2020 election. Here are Joe’s plans for using the Attorney General’s office to take on the challenges of tomorrow:

Fight Back Against Threats to Abortion Rights

Make no mistake: right-wing ideologues are trying to take away our reproductive freedoms through the courts. Joe won’t let that happen in Pennsylvania.

He is a veteran sex crimes prosecutor and the son of a nurse who lost women in the ER because they lacked access to safe and legal abortions. Joe didn’t back down when he was targeted for being the only county solicitor in Pennsylvania to use his office to support access to the abortion pill. So if politicians in Harrisburg or Washington try to take away our reproductive freedoms in Pennsylvania, Joe will be an Attorney General we can rely on to stand up, fight, and win.

Enact a 67 County Strategy for Public Safety

Joe is the only candidate for Attorney General who not only reduced crime rates as a federal prosecutor but also served in the county-level offices of Solicitor and District Attorney. Whether it’s stopping gun violence, preventing quality-of-life offenses, or prosecuting corporate criminals, Joe will provide statewide leadership while empowering county governments with the support that they need to protect their communities.

With the rise in domestic extremism and targeting of religious and ethnic minorities, we need to get this right. Joe is a veteran hate crimes prosecutor who grew up as the son of Muslim and Catholic parents in a Jewish neighborhood. For more than 20 years, Joe has been bringing people together to implement smart, team-focused solutions to keep our communities safe while ensuring fairness and accountability.

Establish a Housing Justice Unit

Pennsylvanians need an Attorney General who will take bold action on the housing crisis impacting our communities — which is why Joe will establish Pennsylvania’s first Housing Justice Unit.

Joe has always stood up to corporate greed. As the state’s top criminal and civil law enforcement officer, Joe will balance the scales of justice to protect children from dangers like bed bugs and lead poisoning and to defend our communities and neighbors from reckless exploitation. He is a proven fighter who will be fearless in taking on rogue landlords, predatory mobile home companies, and overseas shell corporations that treat housing as an exploitable commodity instead of a human right that all families deserve.

Aggressively Enforce Pennsylvania’s Environmental Rights Amendment

There’s no time to wait. We need an Attorney General who will aggressively use every tool at their disposal to protect our environment.

Joe will use his powers as Attorney General to hold energy companies accountable for the damage they have done to our planet and the health risks facing our children. Pennsylvania has the most powerful environmental rights amendment in America, and Joe is uniquely prepared to use this superpower to protect our communities.

As Bucks County Solicitor, Joe took legal action to prevent fracking in the Delaware River Basin and launched a major lawsuit against manufacturing giants 3M, DuPont, and Tyco for polluting our water and soil with PFAS (forever chemicals).

Joe has repeatedly enforced our environmental rights not only because he’s a fearless attorney, but because he is a dad who is fighting for a safer world for his kids.

Stand up to Insurance and Tech Companies

Joe has an unmatched record of forcing powerful companies to do the right thing. That's why he will be a national leader in forcing insurance companies to do better at making mental health care attainable for those who need it. And when we can't wait for regulators to catch up to the lightning-fast evolution of AI, Joe will take legal action to protect workers’ rights, our privacy rights, and our most vulnerable citizens.

Joe was the first county solicitor in America to take on Big Tech for targeting kids like his with their social media algorithms. As Attorney General, he will stay ahead of the curve to keep us safe in a rapidly changing world.