* signifies former elected official

Photo of <p>Senator Katie Muth</p>

Senator Katie Muth

44th Senate District (Berks, Chester, and Montgomery)

Photo of <p>Senator Steve Santarsiero</p>

Senator Steve Santarsiero

10th Senate District (Bucks)

Photo of <p>Senator Nikil Saval  </p>

Senator Nikil Saval

1st Senate District (Philadelphia)

Photo of <p>Allyson Schwartz*</p>

Allyson Schwartz*

Former Member of Congress and the Pennsylvania Senate

(Philadelphia and Montgomery)

Photo of <p>Representative Tim Brennan</p>

Representative Tim Brennan

29th legislative district (Bucks)

Photo of <p>Representative Melissa Cerrato</p>

Representative Melissa Cerrato

151st legislative district (Montgomery)

Photo of <p>Representative Ismail Smith-Wade-El</p>

Representative Ismail Smith-Wade-El

49th legislative district (Lancaster)

Photo of <p>Representative Paul Friel</p>

Representative Paul Friel

26th legislative district (Chester)

Photo of <p>Representative Matt Gergely</p>

Representative Matt Gergely

35th legislative district (Allegheny)

Photo of <p>Representative Roni Green</p>

Representative Roni Green

190th legislative district (Philadelphia)

Photo of <p>Representative Joe Hohenstein</p>

Representative Joe Hohenstein

177th legislative district (Philadelphia)

Photo of <p>Representative Mary Isaacson</p>

Representative Mary Isaacson

175th legislative district (Philadelphia)

Photo of <p>Representative Tarik Khan</p>

Representative Tarik Khan

194th legislative district (Philadelphia)

Photo of <p>Representative Jennifer Mann*</p>

Representative Jennifer Mann*

22nd legislative district (Lehigh)

Photo of <p>Representative Brian Munroe</p>

Representative Brian Munroe

144th legislative district (Bucks)

Photo of <p>Representative Christopher Pielli</p>

Representative Christopher Pielli

156th legislative district (Chester)

Photo of <p>Representative Jim Prokopiak</p>

Representative Jim Prokopiak

140th Legislative district (Bucks)

Photo of <p>Representative Mark Rozzi</p>

Representative Mark Rozzi

126th legislative district (Berks)

Former speaker of the pennsylvania house

Photo of <p>Representative Peter Schweyer</p>

Representative Peter Schweyer

134th legislative district (Lehigh)

Photo of <p>Representative Joshua Siegel</p>

Representative Joshua Siegel

22nd legislative district (Lehigh)

Photo of <p>Representative Brian Sims*</p>

Representative Brian Sims*

182nd legislative district (Philadelphia)

Photo of <p>Representative Perry Warren</p>

Representative Perry Warren

31st Legislative district (Bucks)



Photo of <p>City Councilmember Candida Affa</p>

City Councilmember Candida Affa


Photo of <p>County Clerk of Courts Eileen Albillar</p>

County Clerk of Courts Eileen Albillar


Photo of <p>County Executive Phil Armstrong</p>

County Executive Phil Armstrong


Photo of <p>Township Supervisor KS Bhaskar</p>

Township Supervisor KS Bhaskar


Photo of <p>County Prothonotary Debbie Bookman</p>

County Prothonotary Debbie Bookman


Photo of <p>County Commissioner Geoff Brace</p>

County Commissioner Geoff Brace


Photo of <p>Township Supervisor Eleanor Breslin</p>

Township Supervisor Eleanor Breslin


Photo of <p>County Coroner Daniel Buglio</p>

County Coroner Daniel Buglio


Photo of <p>County Coroner Patti Campi</p>

County Coroner Patti Campi


Photo of <p>County Commissioner Zach Cole-Borghi</p>

County Commissioner Zach Cole-Borghi


Photo of <p>Township Supervisor Colin Coyle</p>

Township Supervisor Colin Coyle

(Lower makefield)

Photo of <p>County Commissioner Bob Elbich*</p>

County Commissioner Bob Elbich*


Photo of <p>Borough Councilmember Tom Fink</p>

Borough Councilmember Tom Fink

(Camp Hill)

Photo of <p>School Board Director Dana Foley</p>

School Board Director Dana Foley

(Central Bucks)

Photo of <p>Township Supervisor Mark Freed*</p>

Township Supervisor Mark Freed*


Photo of <p>Township Supervisor Sunny Ghai</p>

Township Supervisor Sunny Ghai

(Upper Macungie)

Photo of <p>School Board Director Susan Gibson</p>

School Board Director Susan Gibson

(Central Bucks)

Photo of <p>School Board Director Rick Haring</p>

School Board Director Rick Haring

(Central Bucks)

Photo of <p>County Commissioner Dave Harrington*</p>

County Commissioner Dave Harrington*


Photo of <p>County Commissioner Dan Hartzell</p>

County Commissioner Dan Hartzell


Photo of <p>County Commissioner Bob Harvie</p>

County Commissioner Bob Harvie


Photo of <p>Borough Council President Tim Hayes</p>

Borough Council President Tim Hayes


Photo of <p>County Councilmember Lori Vargo Heffner</p>

County Councilmember Lori Vargo Heffner


Photo of <p>Mayor Ed Hozza*</p>

Mayor Ed Hozza*


Photo of <p>County Commissioner Donna Iannone*&nbsp;</p>

County Commissioner Donna Iannone* 


Photo of <p>Borough Councilmember Nalini Krishnankutty</p>

Borough Councilmember Nalini Krishnankutty

(State College)

Photo of <p>School Board Vice President Mariam Mahmud</p>

School Board Vice President Mariam Mahmud

(Central Bucks)

Photo of <p>County Executive Lamont McClure</p>

County Executive Lamont McClure


Photo of <p>Township Supervisor Joyce Moore</p>

Township Supervisor Joyce Moore

(Upper Milford)

Photo of <p>City Councilmember Cynthia Mota</p>

City Councilmember Cynthia Mota


Photo of <p>City Councilmember Santo Napoli</p>

City Councilmember Santo Napoli


Photo of <p>Mayor Ray O'Connell*</p>

Mayor Ray O'Connell*


Photo of <p>Borough Tax Collector Alexander Reber*</p>

Borough Tax Collector Alexander Reber*


Photo of <p>School Board Director Heather Reynolds</p>

School Board Director Heather Reynolds

(Central Bucks)

Photo of <p>School Board Director Jay Rohatgi</p>

School Board Director Jay Rohatgi


Photo of <p>County Councilmember Jimmy Sabatino</p>

County Councilmember Jimmy Sabatino


Photo of <p>School Board President Karen Smith</p>

School Board President Karen Smith

(Central Bucks)

Photo of <p>Mayor Ron Strouse*</p>

Mayor Ron Strouse*


Photo of <p>Township Supervisor Bob Szwajkos*</p>

Township Supervisor Bob Szwajkos*


Photo of <p>Mayor Matt Tuerk</p>

Mayor Matt Tuerk


Photo of <p>Township Auditor Stephanie Weisser</p>

Township Auditor Stephanie Weisser


Photo of <p>Borough Councilmember Claudette Williams</p>

Borough Councilmember Claudette Williams

(Mount Pocono)

Photo of <p>School Board Director Jenine Zdanowicz</p>

School Board Director Jenine Zdanowicz

(Central bucks)

Photo of <p>County Controller Tara Zrinski</p>

County Controller Tara Zrinski


Photo of <p>City Councilmember Ed Zucal</p>

City Councilmember Ed Zucal